Ridgid GP80150RT Parts – 8 Gal Air Compressor

Ridgid GP80150RT Parts are just a click away! If you’re in need of repair or maintenance for your Ridgid 8 Gal. Air Compressor GP80150RT(GP80150RTB), you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you can find a full list of Ridgid GP80150RT Parts, complete with an exploded view that shows the location of each part on the air compressor. This makes it easy to identify and replace worn-out or damaged parts, ensuring your compressor runs efficiently and effectively. 

Ridgid GP80150RT Parts

Ridgid GP80150RT (GP80150RTB) Parts

Ref. No.DescriptionPart NumberQty
1Shroud Kit (Inc. Key Nos. 155-159)0790270187171
2Washer (OD8.4 × ID16 × 1.6t)0790270181074
3Spring Washer (8 mm)0790270181054
4Screw (M8 × 40 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270181084
5Throttle Control Valve0790270181161
6Subaru EngineNOTE A1
7Flat Key (Square)0790270181131
8Bolt (M6 x 12 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270181121
11V-Belt (A-46)0790270181101
13Right Handle Frame Assembly(Incl. Key Nos. 14-19)0790270187081
14Handle Lock Pin0790270180541
15Handle Spring0790270180551
16Handle Release Knob0790270180561
17Split Roll Pin0790270180502
18End Cap0790270180492
19Split Roll Pin0790270180522
20Left Handle Frame Assembly(Incl. Key Nos. 21-25)0790270187071
21Handle Lock Pin0790270180511
22Lanyard (Metal)0790270180531
23Washer (OD8.4 × ID16 × 1.6t)0790270181714
24Spring Washer (8 mm)0790270181704
25Hex Nut (M6)0790270181872
26Cover (3)0790270180451
27Screw (M4.8 × 25 mm)07902701804212
28Cover (2)0790270180461
29Heat Shield0790270180471
30Cover (5)0790270180411
31Cover (4)0790270180431
32Screw (M8 × 55 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270181092
33Nut (M6)0790270181722
34Screw (M4 × 12 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270180744
35Spring Washer (4 mm)0790270180734
36Washer (OD4.3 × ID9 × 0.8t)0790270180724
37Control Panel (Movable Tank)0790270180751
38Pressure Gauge0790270180692
39Movable Tank Manifold Assembly0790270187091
40Bolt (M6 × 16 mm, Flange Hex Hd.)0790270180714
41Washer (OD6.4 × ID18 × 1.6t)0790270180704
42Nut (M6)0790270180184
43Regulator Knob0790270180641
44End Cap0790270180664
46Quick-Connect Fitting0790270180682
49Movable Tank Handle Assembly(Incl. Key Nos. 50-54)0790270187151
50End Cap0790270180052
51C-Clip (7 mm)0790270180042
52Split Roll Pin0790270180032
53Movable Tank Handle0790270180011
54Handle Grip0790270180021
55Movable Tank Assembly (Incl. Key Nos. 56-62)0790270187101
56Movable Tank0790270180771
57Foot Pad0790270180783
58Washer (OD5.3 × ID15 × 1t)0790270180801
59Screw (M5 × 10 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270180821
60Nut (M5)0790270180792
61Washer (OD5.3 × ID15 × 1t)0790270180802
62Screw (M5 × 16 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270180812
63Quick Connect Sleeve0790270180481
64Drain Valve0790270180922
67Quick-Connect Fitting0790270180841
68Intake Hose Assembly (Inc. Key No. 143)0790270187021
69Movable Tank Clamp0790270180852
70Bolt (M6 × 12 mm, Flange Hex Hd.)0790270180864
71Wheel Assembly (Incl. Key Nos. 72-76)0790270187062
73Washer (OD13 × ID37× 3t)0790270180392
74Spring Washer (12 mm)0790270180372
75Bolt (M12 × 80 mm, Flange Hex Hd.)0790270180382
78Cover (1)0790270180952
79End Cap0790270180572
81Radial Pressure Gauge0790270180941
82Handle Grip Bumper0790270180902
83Engine Block (2)0790270180881
84Tension Bolt0790270180871
85Mobilair Label0790270189031
86Engine Block (1)0790270180891
87Washer (φOD6.4 × ID12 × 1.6t)0790270180194
88Spring Washer (6 mm)07902701801310
89Bolt (M6 × 50 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270180124
90Foot Frame0790270180142
91Foot pad0790270180152
92Washer (OD6.5 × ID28 × 2t)0790270180162
93Bolt (M6 × 30 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270180172
94Nut (M6)0790270180184
96Fixed Tank Assembly0790270181951
97Pressure Release Valve0790270180601
98Belt Shroud Assembly0790270181021
99Spring Washer0790270180136
100Bolt (M6 × 75 mm, Flange Hex Hd.)0790270181044
101Washer (OD6.4 × ID18 × 1.6t)0790270180708
102Nut (M6)0790270180184
103Bolt (M6 × 20 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270181002
104Shroud Block0790270180992
106Spring Washer (M10)0790270180971
107Bolt (M10 × 90 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270180961
109Pump Assembly0790270187161
110Cord Clamp0790270180255
111Manifold Assembly (Incl. Key No. 110)0790270187041
112Unloader Valve0790270181171
113Intake Tube Assembly0790270187031
114Bolt (M5 x 8 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.)0790270181631
115Washer (ID5.3 x OD10 x 1t)0790270181641
116Discharge Manifold Bracket0790270181621
1174-in-1 Label0790270189041
118Throttle Bracket0790270181891
119Gauge Label (Large – 2 in.)0790270189062
120Regulator Knob Label0790270189071
121Warning Label0790270189082
122Quick Start Icon Label0790270189091
123Portable Tank Drain Label0790270189101
124Lock Pin Label0790270189121
125Fire Warning label0790270189131
126Hot Surface Warning (Large)0790270189141
127Hot Surface Warning (Small)0790270189151
128Oil Fill Warning Label0790270189161
129Icon Label0790270189171
130Fixed Tank Drain Label0790270189111
131Serial Number Label0790270189181
132Data Label0790270189191
133E85 Label0790270189201
134Add Oil Label0790270189211
135Ridgid Specifications Label0790270189221
136Bolt (M6 x 18 mm, Flange Hex Hd.)0790270181901
137Oil Hangtag0790270189241
138Pull Pin Release Label0790270189251
139Zero Gravity Label0790270189021
140Combustion Warning Label0790270189271
141Synthetic Oil Label0790270189421
142EMC Label9408030181
143Valve Assembly0790270180111
146Lock Nut (M6)0790270181671
147Washer (ID6.4 × OD12 × 1.6t)0790270181681
148Bolt (M6 x 16 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270181691
149Bolt (M8 x 50 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270181882
151Bolt (M6 x 16 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.)0790270181822
152Washer (ID6.4 x OD12 x 1.6t)0790270181832
154Washer (ID6.4 x OD12 x 1.6t)0790270181862
155Bolt (M5 x 15 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270190074
156Washer (ID5.3 x OD10 x 1t)0790270190062
159Washer (ID5.3 x OD15 x 1t)0790270190082

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