Husky Palm Sander, H4830 – 6 in. Low Vibration

Have you ever felt annoyed while using a palm sander because of the strong vibrations that it produces? It feels bad, right? Well, good news for you because Husky 6 in. Low Vibration Palm Sander will make you feel the lowest level of vibrations possible. Unlike other conventional palm sanders, this one has an isolated oil free motor design which significantly reduces vibration by up to 50%. The tool does not need to be lubricated making it a low-maintenance equipment.

Husky palm sander H4830  has a built-in regulator that will change its speed depending on the demands of the task that you are doing. This works best for surface preparation and final finish sanding of certain materials such as metals, plastics, composites, fillers, and glass fiber used on autos and recreational vehicles. Automotive repair shops and furniture/wood product manufacturers can take advantage of this Husky palm sander for the finest surface finishes.

A swirl free finish is guaranteed with its orbital action. The standard orbital pattern is 3/16. This pattern makes it an all-around sander. Its maximum sanding speed is at 11,000 rpm making it a very efficient palm sander. The recommended operating pressure is at 90 psi. Air consumption at this level is only 4 CFM. You will be able to use this tool for longer periods of time because of these specifications.

Husky palm sander H4830 is a good match to almost all air compressors although it is recommended to be used with high storage tank capacity models. Also, an air compressor with higher CFM rating would be better. It will not suck up a lot of air so you can use it for extended hours. You can do body work on your car, shape body fillers, and do hard wood flooring. You do not need to put oil in the machine before using it. What’s good about this palm sander is that it is not too aggressive and not too mild. This balance is needed by both home owners and profession who perform high-volume tasks.

This palm sander offers comfort with its low weight housing with rubber overmold. Even the unit is light weight (1.81 pounds) so it is very portable and easy to use. It cannot be used underwater so do not even try to bring it there. Not only does this Husky palm sander offer less vibration, it also produces lesser noise because of its internal silencing feature. With less vibration and less noise, you can now work more comfortably even when you are working indoors.

Husky Palm Sander H4830

Husky Palm Sander H4830

Model # H4830
Air Tool Type Disc Sander
Weight  1.81 lb
Type Surface Prep
Recommended operating pressure 90 PSI
Air consumption 4.0 CFM
Air Inlet Size 0.25 inches
Max sanding speed 11000
Width 5.83 inches
Length 6.85 inches
Height 4.25 inches
Warranty 2 Year
Cost from $79.98

Husky 6 in. Low Vibration Palm Sander can be bought at $79.98. The low cost is more than enough to convince you to purchase this unit and start doing your projects immediately. The unique features of this model lets you realize that the best equipment do not necessarily have to be expensive. For people who are working on a tight budget, this would be a great investment. This powerful tool is another masterpiece of Husky. Try it now!

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