Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun, H4930SSG

Want to work like a pro? Then you should also have the tools that professionals prefer such as the air tools offered by Husky. Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun H4930SSG will definitely make you feel like a pro because of its stainless steel needles that makes it undoubtedly reliable. It also has precision air spray caps for perfect pain atomization. With these features, you can now create the most complicated of patterns and designs.

This spray gun as a 1000 cc paint cup that is ideal for final fine coatings for certain applications such as the following: car refurbishing, industrial, wall painting, and woodwork. The size of the tip is 1.8 mm. which is perfect for small details. The recommended operating pressure is at 45 psi. Air consumption at this level is only 4 CFM.

The spray gun has a siphon feed type. This is ideal if you are using a one airbrush per color, or one bottle per color set-up. It provides a very fine quality of coating that cannot be provided by other models. Latex paint can be used, but make sure it is thin enough according to the manufacturers requirements. The viscosity of the paint should not be thicker than pancake syrup. Apart from latex paints, a paint sprayer can also apply water-based adhesives when properly thinned or diluted.

The unit, combined with an air compressor, has more than enough horsepower to perform your DIY projects. If you are building a deck, this unit can be used to paint the railing’s nooks and crevices. The finishing would be free from runs, drips, and errors. You may also use Husky Siphon Feed spray gun to shade stains on bare wood.

The housing is made of aluminum for durability. It is lightweight making the spray gun portable. The spray gun only weighs 2.22 lbs. including the paint cup. The package also includes a cleaning brush set and multi wrench. This Husky spray gun is easy to clean so it is not very difficult to maintain. You will never experience dripping or clogging that can be stressful. You only need to make sure that the can does not go empty because the siphon only goes about 2/3 down.

Key Features of the Husky H4930SSG Spray Gun

  1. Siphon Feed Design: Siphon feed spray guns utilize a siphoning action to draw the paint or other liquid finish from a container (typically a cup or jar) located below the gun. This design allows for a continuous supply of material as long as there’s liquid in the container.
  2. Adjustable Controls: The Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun H4930SSG likely features adjustable controls that allow users to regulate the spray pattern, fluid flow, and air pressure. These adjustments give the operator flexibility to achieve different finishes and coverage levels.
  3. Nozzle and Needle. The spray gun must feature a nozzle and needle combination that determines the spray pattern’s size and controls the sprayed material’s amount. Different nozzle and needle sizes are suitable for different types of coatings and projects.
  4. Easy Cleaning. Manufacturers design most spray guns for effortless disassembly and cleaning. This is important to maintain the longevity of the tool and prevent clogs that can affect the quality of the spray.
  5. Compatibility. Users can employ the spray gun with a range of coatings, including paints, primers, clear coats, stains, varnishes, and more. It’s important to match the viscosity of the coating with the appropriate nozzle and needle size for optimal results.
  6. Applications. The Husky H4930SSG finds application in a variety of tasks, such as automotive painting, woodworking, furniture refinishing, crafts, and more. It’s suitable for both professional and DIY projects.
  7. Air Compressor Requirements: Siphon feed spray guns require an air compressor to provide the necessary air pressure for atomizing the coating. Make sure to check the recommended air pressure specifications for the spray gun to achieve the best results.
  8. Maintenance: Proper maintenance is crucial to keep the spray gun functioning well. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and storage according to the manufacturer’s instructions will extend the tool’s lifespan.
Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun, H4930SSGA
Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun, H4930SSGA


Model #H4930SSGA
Air Tool TypeAir Sprayers
Weight 2.22 lb
TypePneumatic, Fine Finish Pro
Feed typeSiphon feed
Air Pressure at Paint Cap45 PSI
Max and Recommended operating pressure45 PSI
Air consumption4.0 CFM
Paint Cup Size1000cc
Tip Size1.88mm
Fan Size1.1 to 11.5 inches
Air Inlet Size0.25 inches
Width4.22 inches
Length7.0 inches
Height12.0 inches
Warranty2 Year
Costfrom $49.98

The controls are located at the rear of the gun to ensure that both left and right hand operators can use it with ease and comfort. Also, the spray gun has a smooth trigger pull making it more user-friendly than other models. This is not a high volume-low pressure type of pneumatic tool because it does not have a gravity feed type.

Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun can be purchased at an affordable price of $49.98. With this spray gun, your gallon of paint will definitely go a long way. Its performance will not make you regret the money that you spent in buying it. Again, if you want to be like a pro, buy professional level tools such as this one.

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  1. Tim Cota
    January 30, 2017 at 9:32 am

    Is there an extension wand available for Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun, H4930SSG

  2. Melissa
    October 13, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    Why is this sprayer not usable out of the box? It does not fit the end of a pneumatic hose end!! Whats the point of needing an adapter when the pneumatic hose end is a standard?

  3. Bonnie Stocker
    February 16, 2021 at 2:44 pm

    Have an older model..WL660800AJ…that I want to sell, but have no idea of cost originally….can you help?
    Also, it pumps up to full pressure but doesn’t hold for very long when not in use. Is this normal?

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