Milwaukee Air Compressor: A Leader in Cordless Innovation

Milwaukee air compressor are the perfect representation of the brand’s reputation for high-performance, durable, and innovative power tools. For nearly a century, Milwaukee Tool has been a leading name in professional-grade equipment. They are recognized for their top-tier quality and continual advancement in cordless technology. When it comes to portable air compressors and pneumatic tools, Milwaukee delivers the same exemplary standards that have built their reputation.

Milwaukee introduced early cordless tool technology in 2005 with the M18 lithium-ion platform. This revolutionized the power tool industry by providing the convenience of cordless with the capability to run heavy-duty tools. Milwaukee air compressors and air tools leverage this cordless advantage for unmatched portability and performance.

Both professional contractors and DIYers rely on Milwaukee compressors to power pneumatic tools on job sites. Milwaukee compressors offer versatile, rugged air power suited for roofing, framing, trim carpentry, and automotive work. Milwaukee also manufactures an extensive range of cordless air tools that maximize the benefits of lithium-ion batteries.

This article will explore Milwaukee’s lineup of leading air compressors and cordless air tools. We’ll look at their history of innovation and how their products have transformed the world of pneumatic equipment. Whether you need maximum mobility or raw power, Milwaukee delivers next-level air solutions.

A Brief History of the Milwaukee Brand

Milwaukee Tool was founded in 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by A.H. Petersen, a Danish immigrant. The original company was called the A.H. Petersen Tool Company.

In its early days, Milwaukee focused on manufacturing metal-cutting tools like hacksaws and drills. They were one of the first companies to produce heavy-duty electric tools designed specifically for trade professionals rather than just homeowners.

Milwaukee pioneered many innovations that transformed the power tool industry. In 1939, they released the first trigger-switch, one-handed 1/4” drill which set a new standard for convenient operation. In 1954, Milwaukee introduced the first right-angle grinder, originally developed to polish welding seams on boats.

The company was acquired by Atlas Copco in 1995. Under this ownership, Milwaukee Tool began developing and manufacturing pneumatic tools for professional use. In 2005, they changed the industry again with the M18 cordless system and high-powered lithium-ion tools.

Today, Milwaukee continues to push cordless innovation with MX FUEL, expanded M18 lines, and a wide range of batteries and chargers. They offer over 500 tools globally while maintaining a reputation for “Nothing but Heavy Duty” performance and reliability.

Top 3 Milwaukee Air Compressors

Milwaukee offers both corded and cordless air compressor models. Here are some of their top options:

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2-Gallon Compact Quiet Compressor (2840-20):

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2-Gallon Compact Quiet Compressor (2840-20)

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2-Gallon Compact Quiet Compressor (2840-20) is a portable air compressor that falls under the M18 FUEL lineup, running on 18-volt Milwaukee lithium-ion batteries. It comes with a 2-gallon tank, making it perfect for small tasks like finish nailing, tire inflation, and light-duty pneumatic tool use. This Milwaukee compressor is designed to minimize noise levels, making it suitable for indoor use while reducing noise fatigue. It reaches a maximum pressure of approximately 135 PSI, which is adequate for most standard pneumatic tools.

M18™ 18V Cordless Tire Inflator (2848-20)

M18™ 18V Cordless Tire Inflator (2848-20)

For those looking for a versatile cordless tire inflator, the M18™ 18V Cordless Tire Inflator (2848-20) by Milwaukee is an excellent choice. This inflator operates on M18 lithium-ion batteries and provides a convenient solution for inflating tires on vehicles, sports equipment, and various inflatables. With its cordless design, it offers portability and ease of use. The inflator offers a maximum inflation capacity of 120 PSI, making it suitable for a wide range of inflation needs. It’s a handy tool to keep in your toolbox or vehicle for on-the-go tire maintenance and inflation.

Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator (2475-20)

Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator (2475-20)

If you’re looking for a portable and user-friendly tool for tire inflation and inflating various items, the Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator (2475-20) is a great option. While not a traditional air compressor, it serves as a compact and portable solution for tasks like inflating tires, sports equipment, and inflatable items. It operates on M12 batteries, which are more compact and lightweight compared to M18 batteries. With a maximum inflation capacity of 120 PSI, it can be conveniently carried in a toolbox or kept in your vehicle for on-the-go inflation needs.

TOP 5 Milwaukee Air Tools

Milwaukee offers an extensive range of air tools that take advantage of their M18 cordless advantage. Popular models include:

Milwaukee M12 Compact 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver (2453-20)

The Milwaukee M12 Compact 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver is a versatile and powerful air tool that delivers high torque in a compact design. It’s part of the M12 series, which means it operates on Milwaukee’s 12-volt lithium-ion batteries. This impact driver is ideal for tasks such as driving screws, nuts, and bolts with ease, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 3/8″ Compact Impact Wrench (2754-20)

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 3/8″ Compact Impact Wrench (2754-20) is a cordless air tool that belongs to the M18 FUEL lineup, utilizing 18-volt Milwaukee lithium-ion batteries. This impact wrench is known for its high torque output and compact size, making it perfect for automotive and mechanical work. It provides the power needed for tasks like fastening and loosening bolts and nuts.

Milwaukee M12 1/4″ Ratchet (2456-20)

The Milwaukee M12 1/4″ Ratchet (2456-20) is a compact and versatile air tool designed for fastening and loosening tasks in tight spaces. Operating on M12 batteries, this ratchet offers portability and ease of use. It’s an excellent choice for automotive and construction applications where a traditional wrench might be challenging to use.

Milwaukee Air Compressor Competitors

While Milwaukee is positioned as a premium professional brand, there are other air compressor options that compete primarily on lower prices.

Husky air compressors are the house brand sold at The Home Depot. They provide portable and stationary models at budget-friendly price points. However, Husky compressors tend to be lighter-duty and receive lower ratings for noise level.

Campbell Hausfeld is a classic air compressor manufacturer with models available at Lowe’s. They offer a wide range of designs including pancake compressors, hot dog compressors, wheels kits, and twin stack models. Reviews indicate Campbell Hausfeld compressors can lack longevity compared to Milwaukee.

Harbor Freight is known as a discount tool retailer providing ultra-low prices on compressors and pneumatic equipment. However, their Pittsburgh-branded tools are considered more disposable than durable for everyday professional use. Limited warranties are also an issue.

While these brands compete on affordability, Milwaukee consistently surpasses them on metrics like CFM performance, low noise, ruggedness, and advanced technology features. Milwaukee’s focus on contracting professionals and continual innovation justifies the higher initial investment for those needing reliable air power. With proper maintenance, Milwaukee air compressor deliver years of productivity on the work site.

For home DIYers or hobbyists, these lower-cost compressor brands may provide adequate functionality. But for tradespeople who depend on their tools every day, Milwaukee is still the leader in the portable air compressor space.

Innovation and Technology Milwaukee Air Compressor

Milwaukee is known for pushing the boundaries of cordless technology and driving innovation in the power tool industry. This commitment to advancing cordless capability has shaped their air compressor and pneumatic tool lineup.

Cordless Freedom

The introduction of Milwaukee’s M18 cordless platform in 2005 transformed portable air by providing true cordless convenience. Instead of dealing with hoses and outlets, tools like nailers can operate off lightweight batteries.

Milwaukee continues to innovate in cordless air with tools like the M18 Drywall Screw Gun capable of driving up to 500 screws per charge. The latest HIGH OUTPUT batteries offer even longer runtime for cordless air tools.

Improved Motor Engineering

Milwaukee air compressors utilize brushless motors and POWERSTATE technology for increased efficiency and airflow. The motors deliver more CFM while lasting longer than traditional brushed motors.

They also engineer their pumps for maximum durability and low noise. Select models use cast iron vortex pumps that withstand constant use. Noise levels as low as 48 dB allow for operation without disruptive noise.

Climate Force Technology

Milwaukee’s patented Climate Force Technology allows certain models to operate in extreme conditions from -20°F to 110°F. Special components like composite tanks and sealed pressure caps prevent freezing or overheating.

ONE-KEY Technology

With built-in ONE-KEY technology, users can digitally monitor compressor performance and track maintenance needs from a mobile app. ONE-KEY provides inventory functionality for large contractor fleets.

MX FUEL Revolution

Milwaukee’s MX FUEL aims to completely transform the light construction equipment market. These specialized tools like a miter saw run on a dedicated battery system to replace corded jobsite equipment.

Reviews and Reputation

Milwaukee has earned a stellar reputation amongst professional contractors and tradespeople for high-performance, durable tools. Their air compressors and pneumatic equipment receive positive reviews across the board.

Reviewers consistently praise the power and runtime of Milwaukee’s cordless tools. Popular models like the M18 Brad Nailer are noted for providing the convenience of gas-free operation without compromising driving power.

Their corded compressors also receive high marks for providing quick recovery time and steady airflow when running multiple air tools. Many reviewers mention how quietly Milwaukee compressors operate compared to competitors.

Durability is another common theme in reviews of Milwaukee air products. Their all-metal housings withstand jobsite abuse while innovative pump designs increase longevity. Milwaukee compressors are reported to provide years of reliable service.

When it comes to reputation, Milwaukee is considered a premium brand that commands a price premium. The quality and performance is reported as justifying the higher initial investment over discount brands.

Professionals applaud Milwaukee air compressors for continuing to raise the bar on lithium-ion battery life and developing innovative tools like the MX FUEL line. Their focus on problem-solving cordless designs cement their status as an industry leader.

FAQ about Milwaukee

What is a Milwaukee air compressor?

A Milwaukee air compressor is a portable, cordless air compressor made by Milwaukee Tool. It runs on Milwaukee M18 or M12 lithium-ion batteries.

What are the features of a Milwaukee air compressor?

Milwaukee air compressors feature an oil-free pump, quick recovery time, high airflow and pressure capabilities, and compatibility with other Milwaukee tools that use the same battery platform.

How quiet is the Milwaukee air compressor?

The Milwaukee air compressor operates at noise levels around 68-80 dBA, which is quieter than many gas or electric compressors.

What is the maximum pressure of the Milwaukee air compressor?

The max pressure depends on the model, but ranges from 100 PSI on smaller models up to 150 PSI on heavier duty models.

Can the Milwaukee air compressor be used with other Milwaukee tools?

Yes, any Milwaukee compressor can share M18 or M12 batteries with other tools that use the same battery platform.

Is the Milwaukee air compressor suitable for inflating tires?

Yes, the Milwaukee air compressor can inflate vehicle, bicycle, and other tires up to the maximum pressure rating of the specific model.

How can I find a manual for my Milwaukee air compressor?

Manuals can be downloaded from the Milwaukee Tool website by searching for your specific model number.

What should I do if my Milwaukee air compressor is not working properly?

First check for simple issues like low battery, damaged hose, or clogged filter. If issues persist, contact Milwaukee Tool customer service for troubleshooting help or warranty repair.

How does the Milwaukee air compressor compare to other cordless compressors?

Milwaukee air compressors offer fast recovery, high pressure output, quiet operation, and compatibility with other Milwaukee tools compared to competitors.

What is the price of a Milwaukee air compressor?

Pricing ranges from $180 for a bare tool M12 unit up to $500 for a kitted M18 compressor. Batteries and chargers sold separately.

How long does the battery last on a Milwaukee air compressor?

Battery life depends on the amp hour rating. A 12.0 Ah M18 battery will run for 30-60 minutes at high output before needing recharge.

What is the warranty on a Milwaukee air compressor?

Milwaukee offers a 5 year limited warranty on Milwaukee air compressors, 3 years on batteries and chargers.

Can the Milwaukee air compressor be used for painting?

Yes, when paired with a paint sprayer attachment, Milwaukee air compressors can be used for small paint jobs.

How heavy is the Milwaukee air compressor?

Weights range from 14 lbs for an M12 unit up to 45 lbs for the largest M18 air compressor.

What is the size of the tank on the Milwaukee air compressor?

Tank sizes vary from 2 to 6 gallons depending on the Milwaukee compressor model.

How long does it take to charge the battery on a Milwaukee air compressor?

A completely drained battery will take around 60 minutes with a rapid charger or about 120 minutes with a standard charger.

Can the Milwaukee air compressor be used for framing?

Yes, the air compressor can power framing nailers and other pneumatic tools for framing applications.

How does the Milwaukee air compressor compare to corded compressors?

The Milwaukee offers portability and quiet operation but corded compressors provide unlimited runtime.

What is the difference between the Milwaukee M18 and M12 air compressors?

The M18 models run on higher voltage batteries for more power, pressure, airflow and longer runtime vs the lighter M12 models.

What is the runtime of the Milwaukee air compressor on a single charge?

Runtime varies based on battery Ah, airflow demand, and pressure settings but is typically 30-60 minutes on an M18 battery.

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