Husky Air Compressor Tools and Accessories

One of the many uses of air compressors is surely dedicated to help you with your home repairs. Having an air compressor will help you save money considering the cost you get from buying other tools. With the help of an air compressor and some inexpensive Husky air compressor tools and accessories, you can do so much more with it.

Husky is a brand of quality air compressors from Home Depot and it is well known all over the United States, Canada, and in some other  parts of the world. Because Husky produces a wide variety of air compressors, you will surely end up with a top one if you consider them as your trusted brand.

You have to take note that when buying tools and accessories, it is important that you have to be consistent to ensure compatibility. By purchasing Husky air compressor tools and accessories, you can do so much more than just generating compressed air. Some of the Husky air compressor tools and accessories that you can purchase are as follows:

  • Husky 4-Tool Air Tool Kit – This Husky 4-Tool air tool kit is complete with the basic tools and corresponding accessories that will make your home repair and projects become easier. The air tool kit includes an impact wrench, a 3/8-inch air ratchet, a quarter inch straight die grinder, and an air hammer. Accessories included are impact sockets, chisels, grinding stones, male nipples, female quick connect, and adjustment wrenches all packed in a handy and lightweight tool case.
  • Husky 20-Piece Air Compressor Accessory Kit – Another good tool kit you must have is the 20-piece air compressor accessory kit that is great for industrial needs. The kit includes 20 pieces of compressor accessories, a blowgun, tire chuck, an adapter with three unique nozzles, and an air hose that can hold up to 100 psi.
  • Husky Air Compressor ToolsHusky Vibration Damped Medium Stroke Air Hammer – What you will love about the Husky Vibration Damped Medium Stroke Air Hammer is that it has a good grip and comfortably lightweight compared to other air hammer brands. The isolated cylinder design allows lesser vibration, which allows you to take control while allowing hardest hitting power.
  • Husky Inch Coupler Plug Set – If you lost your coupler and plug set, do not worry because Husky also have coupler and plug set for your air compressor.
  • Husky 1/4-inch Straight and Angle Die Grinders – Die grinders by Husky are guaranteed to reduce vibration through its precision bearings. It comes in a lightweight housing and rubberized handle for better grip that is ideal for grinding and polishing.
  • Husky 1/2-inch Impact Wrench – For efficient removal and installation of fasteners used for recreational or gardening use, you can rely on the Husky impact wrench. Similar to other Husky air compressor tools, this comes in a lightweight housing and reduced noise and vibration feature.

Aside from the mentioned tools and accessories, you can also purchase tire inflator with gauge, pistol grip blowguns, spray paint, and reversible drill from Husky brand. You can check online for more information about these items.

More about uses of air compressors

Husky air compressors are actually a practical investment and there are things you do from time to time that can be accomplished in lesser time and minimal effort just by using it. The following are other things that you can do using your air compressor:

  • Projects that involve spray painting – One can become artsy using spray paint powered by your air compressor. If you have home or auto projects like total repaint, this can come very handy. It saves time and a lot of effort too.
  • Make a snow machine – With just the right tools and some tricks, you can convert your air compressor into a snow machine for that White Christmas you’ve been waiting.
  • Supplying air to tires and other inflatables – Inflating your car tires is necessary to maintain its good work on the road. Whenever your kids want to play football or they want to set up their pool, you can just stick the nozzle or inflation needle and have everything inflated.

Maintenance of Air Compressors

Air compressors are surely long-lasting equipment that you can have but the expected lifespan may not be achieved if you do not provide the proper care and maintenance of the machine. And you will need to seek Husky air compressor parts. Maintenance is important because it will help your air compressor retain its efficiency when it comes to converting electrical energy to compressed air. Here are some things you need to do to ensure safety and maintenance of your equipment:

  • If air compressors are intended for heavy use, it would be best to check for oil leaks every day. Knowledge in doing an oil change to your compressor is also necessary. Check the compressor oil from time to time and determine when it is best to change.
  • An air compressor has a moisture separator because it can accumulate moisture from compressing the air and considering humidity of the environment as well. Drain the moisture regularly to ensure machine safety.
  • For portable air compressors that are stuck in your storage room for a long time and you might be thinking to use it again, check first the filter. The environment of the storage room might be dirty so make sure the filter and everything else is clean.
  • Check if the bolts of the machine are tightened and placed on level ground before using. Because air compressors move when operating, chances are the bolts and screws might loosen up. Moreover, some air compressor models are sensitive and do not work well on uneven surface.

These are just some general advice when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your air compressor unit. The best that you can do is to read your Husky air compressor manual and maintenance guide to make sure you do not miss anything.

It will also help if you make a list of things to do for your inspection. You can categorize the tasks as daily, weekly, or monthly to make sure you have it checked from time to time. If there are certain problems that cannot be repaired right away, do not push any further. That’s the time that you contact a qualified professional to do an inspection and repair to your air compressor.

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