Pump 079027018716 Parts (for Ridgid GP80150RT)

Looking for 079027018716 Ridgid Pump Parts? You’re in the right spot!

The 079027018716 Pump parts are specifically designed for use in the Ridgid 8-gallon air compressor GP80150RT models. Whether you need a comprehensive parts list for the 079027018716 Pump (Ridgid 8-gallon air compressor GP80150RT parts) or an exploded view detailing the exact locations of each part within the pump, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Pump 079027018716 Parts (for Ridgid GP80150RT)

Pump 079027018716 Parts

Ref. No.DescriptionPart No.Qty.
2Spring Washer (M8)0790270181617
3Bolt (M8 × 35 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270181462
4Washer (OD8.4 × ID16 × 1.6t)0790270181426
5Cooling Tin0790270181451
6Gasket (Cooling Tin)0790270181431
7Bolt (M6 × 20 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270181592
8Washer (OD8.4 × ID16 × 1.6t)07902701816010
9Bolt (M8 × 75 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270181415
10Bolt (M8 × 25 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270181402
11Air Filter0790270181391
12Cylinder Cap0790270190171
13Cylinder Cap Gasket0790270181371
14Valve Plate (Upper)0790270181341
15Valve Block0790270181354
16Valve Plate Gasket0790270181361
17Valve Plate (Lower)0790270181561
18Valve Plate Gasket0790270181331
20Cylinder Gasket0790270181311
21Crankshaft Assembly (Incl. Key Nos. 7, 22-40 and 49)0790270187141
22Piston Ring0790270190152
23Piston Ring0790270190132
24Oil Ring0790270190144
26Clip (M13, #A Retaining Ring)0790270181214
27Piston Pin0790270181252
28Spring Washer (M6)07902701817520
29Bolt (M6 × 16 mm, Hex Hd.)07902701817418
30Crankshaft Cover0790270181761
31Oil Seal0790270181771
32Seal Cover0790270181782
33Ball Bearing (6205)0790270181792
34Clip (M35, #B Retaining Ring)0790270181802
35Connecting Rod0790270181812
38Oil Sight Glass0790270181501
39Oil Plug Cover0790270181491
40Oil Plug0790270181481
42Bolt (M6 × 12 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270181531
43Washer (M6)0790270181541
44Bottom Cover0790270181521
46Washer (M8)0790270181191
47Bolt (M8 × 30 mm, Soc. Hex Hd.)0790270181181
48Bolt (M8 × 25 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270181296
50Spring Washer (M8)0790270181306
51Piston Ring (Expander)0790270190182

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