Ridgid OF60150HB Parts – 6 Gal Air Compressor

Do you need to repair OF60150HB Ridgid 6 Gal. Air Compressor ? Looking for the Ridgid 6 Gallon Air Compressor OF60150HB (OF60150HBT) Parts? Then You have come to the right place.

Here you can find full list of Ridgid OF60150HB Parts and exploded view with the locations of each part of the air compressor.

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Ridgid OF60150HB Parts

Ridgid OF60150HB Parts List

Ref. No.DescriptionPart No.Qty
1Screw (M6 x 14 mm)6613790055
2Housing Support Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 47-48)2048300011
3Rubber Foot (Tank)5642330013
4Drain Valve3067350041
5Tank Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 49-51)2048310011
7Quick Coupler3123510012
8Pressure Regulator Knob Assembly (Inc. Key No. 46)2048340011
10Safety Valve3067380021
11Pressure Gauge3067370082
12Top Cover Assembly (Inc. Key No. 45)2048330011
13Screw (M4 x 12 mm)6612140012
14Screw w/Washer (M4 x 12 mm)6607980041
16Pressure Switch Assembly2900131071
17Check Valve3067360111
18Tie Wrap7900220011
19Rubber Foot (Motor Bracket)5642340013
20Screw (M5 x 10 mm)6603850191
21Screw (M6 x 16 mm)6601540026
22Power Cord7303720451
23Screw (M3.5 x 16 mm)6600310112
24Cord Clamp5909240011
25Housing Cover Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 44 and 53)2048320011
26On/Off Switch7602710201
27Screw (M4 x 16 mm)6600240448
28Screw (M10 x 30 mm)T6623160011
29Piston Rod, Cylinder, Valve Plate and Cover Assembly (Inc. Key No. 30-39)2048350011
30Piston Rod Assembly2048290011
32Piston Ring5642300021
33Rod Plate6429370011
34Screw (M5 x 15 mm)6603850221
36Valve Plate6352990052
37Reed Valve6353000052
38Seal Ring5644630011
39Cylinder Cover6429350011
40Screw (M6 x 35 mm)6600580104
41Motor and Bracket Assembly2066970011
42Tube Assembly2048910011
43Wire Assembly (1)2900613271
44On/Off Switch Label9411203291
45Outlet Panel Label9411203281
46Regulator Knob Label9411120621
47Performance Label9411203261
48Ridgid Logo Label (Housing)9411410021
49Ridgid Logo Label (Tank)9411410031
50Drain Valve Label9411203251
51Warning Label9411203271
52Cordwrap Label (Spanish)9411203451
53Data Label9411203241
Ridgid OF60150HB Wiring Diagram

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