VIAIR 70P and 74P (00073 & 00074) Portable Air Compressors – 12V 100 PSI, Heavy Duty

If you are looking for an air pump, you will come across the fact that the market of tire inflators is quite large. And every self-respecting manufacturer of air compressors has a range of portable air compressors in its assortment. VIAIR Company was no exception. Their main focus is portable air compressors for tire inflation. Their product range includes over 20 different types of air pumps. From the low-cost entry-level tire inflators which cost starts from $30 to the professional air pumping systems, which cost starts from $200-$300.

In this review, we will consider one of these entry-level air pumps, which is very popular among consumers – VIAIR 00073 70P and VIAIR 00074 74P.

At first glance it is difficult to say how much better or worse VIAIR 70P (VIAIR 74P) than similar tire inflators by other brands. But it is simply not possible to pass this instance by VIAIR if you are looking for a low-cost portable air compressor from a well-known brand.
Yes, this is the entry-level of portable air compressors in their product line, however this does not mean that it is less quality than more expensive models.

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VIAIR 70P 00073 vs VIAIR 74P 00074 – What is the difference?

Viair 70P and Viair 74P are absolutely identical in their characteristics. They have only one difference is its the way they connect to the tire valve stem.
– VIAIR 00073 70P has brass twist-on tire chuck.
– VIAIR 00074 74P has plastic press-on tire chuck.

In all other respects, these are two absolutely identical tire inflators.

VIAIR 74P 00074 Portable Compressor Image

Features and Benefits

The Viair 70P and 74P provide decent quality and ease of use, like all of its major competitors in this price range.
Its maximum working pressure is 100 PSI, and the inflating speed is 1.06CFM Free Flow @ 0 PSI.

It is able of inflating tires of a bicycle, motorcycle, car or mid-size SUV with tire size up to 225/60/R18. It uses cigarette lighter power port (Max: 15A/180W) as a power source.

The power wire is quite long – 16 ft. which will be enough for any needs. Please Note: Vehicle engine must running while tire inflator works.

Air hose is solid and made from quality neoprene. Its length is 4 ft. Unfortunately, it is not covered with additional protective insulation. Therefore, only time will tell how long it will serve.

Damping rubber legs are used as legs.

This portable air compressor is equipped with Thermal Overload Protection. Max. ambient temperature is +158°F and min ambient temperature is -4°F . If unit should shut off automatically during operation, do not attempt to restart compressor. Turn compressor’s switch to the OFF position. Allow compressor to cool off for approximately 30 minutes before resuming use.

Also the kit includes: 3 adapters for inflating balls and mattress, cover with a zipper and manual.


The main disadvantage is that this air compressor does not have over-pumping protection. Therefore, you need to monitor the pressure gauge reading and turn it Off manually when required values will be obtained.

It does not have a built-in flashlight. The pressure gauge also has no backlight.

Some customers also complain that it quickly overheats. It is possible that this may occur due to a violation of the rules of use. Anyway if you encounter such a problem, then it is better to contact the manufacturer to fix it.

Model #70P(P/N 00073), 74P(P/N 00074)
Type Portable Air Compressor
Max Pressure 100 PSI
Voltage 12 Volt
Max. Amp/Watt Draw 15A/180W
Width 3.5 inches
Depth 6.5 inches
Height 6.2 inches
Weight 5.05 lb
Air Hose Length 4 ft.
Power Cord Length 16 ft.
Cover Included
Warranty 1 Year Defect Warranty
Cost from $34.97
Fill Rates
195/70R14Fill Rate
20 to 30 PSI46 sec. (± 05 sec.)
30 to 40 PSI1 min. 00 sec. (± 05 sec.)
225/60R18Fill Rate
20 to 30 PSI1 min. 15 sec. (± 05 sec.)
30 to 40 PSI1 min. 29 sec. (± 05 sec.)

Overall, If you are looking for an inexpensive high-quality air pump for your car that should perform such tasks as pumping tires or pumping a mattresses, then VIAIR 70P ( VIAIR 74P ) will be an excellent choice.

If you already own VIAIR 70P or VIAIR 74P portable air compressor or just want to buy it you can share your review or ask a question through the form below.

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