Pump 079027013700 Parts (for Ridgid OF50150TS)

Looking for 079027013700 Ridgid Pump Parts? You’re in the right spot!

The 079027013700 Pump parts are specifically designed for use in the Ridgid 5-gallon air compressor OF50150TS models. Whether you need a comprehensive parts list for the 079027013700 Pump (Ridgid 5-gallon air compressor OF50150TS parts) or an exploded view detailing the exact locations of each part within the pump, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Pump 079027013700 Parts (for Ridgid OF50150TS)

Pump 079027013700 Parts Table A

Ref. No.DescriptionPart No.Qty.
1Motor Pump Assembly0790270137001
2Small Fan Housing0790270130611
3Screw (M4 x 10 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130014
4Small Fan0790270130621
5Bolt (M5 × 14 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270130634
60.5 Gallon Tank0790270130641
7Drain Valve0790270080121
8Tank Housing Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 9-11)0790270137071
90.5 Gallon Tank Housing0790270130661
10Screw (M4.8 x 8 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130653
11Tank Drain Label0790270139031
12Roll Bar0790270130671
13Screw (M5 x 12 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130694
14Check Valve Assembly0790270137121
15Tube Assembly0790270137221
16Bolt (M6 x 15 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.)0790270130031
17Spring Washer Φ(ID 6 x OD 9.3 x 1.5t)0790270130045
18Washer (ID 6 x OD 18 x 1t)0790270130055
19Bolt (M6 x 35 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.)0790270130722
20Lock Nut (M6)0790270130732
21Rubber Pad0790270130744
22Screw (M6 x 20 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130754
23Exhaust Tube Kit0790270131381
24Hex Nut (3/8 in)0790270131391
25Pressure Switch0790270130781
26Air Hose Assembly (9 in.)0790270137131
27Pressure Relief Valve0790270080281
282-Way Valve0790270130832
2990° Elbow0790270130811
30Threaded Plug0790270130823
31Power Cord Assembly0790270137061
32Cord Wrap Warning Label (FR/SP)0790270139091
33Quick Connector0790270130851
34Ball Valve0790270130861
35Ferrule (6.35 mm)0790270131401
36Air Hose (12.5 in.)0790270137231
37Screw (M5 x 15 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130891
38Screw (M5 x 8 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130152
39Control Panel Assembly0790270130901
40Pressure Regulator Assembly0790270130911
41Elbow (105°)0790270131291
42Quick Connect Coupler0790270080181
44Strain Relief0790270130931
45Pressure Gauge0790270131432
46Regulator Knob0790270080221
47Screw (M4 x 10 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130014
Pump 079027013700 Parts

Pump 079027013700 Parts Table B

Ref. No.DescriptionPart No.Qty.
1Screw (M4 x 10 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130014
2Motor Pump Housing0790270130021
3Bolt (M6 x 15 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.).0790270130031
4Spring Washer (ID 6 x OD 9.3 x 1.5t)0790270130041
5Washer (ID 6 x OD 18 x 1t)0790270130051
6Motor Fan0790270130061
7Ball Bearing (6204-2RS C3)0790270130071
9Front Endbell0790270130091
10Capacitor Cover0790270131321
11Armature Assembly0790270137161
12Left Handle Bracket0790270130561
13Pump Handle0790270130581
14Screw (M5 x 8 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130154
15Run Capacitor0790270130161
16Capacitor Cover Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 50-51)0790270137011
17Start Capacitor0790270130191
18Field (Inc. Key Nos. 63-64, Stator Housing)0790270137181
19Pump Handle Grip0790270130591
20Right Handle Bracket0790270130601
21Wavy Washer (ID 33 x OD 39 x 0.4t)0790270130301
22Screw (M4 x 12 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130202
23Mechanical Start Switch0790270130141
24Rear Endbell0790270130231
26Washer (ID 5 x OD 10 x 0.75t)0790270130252
27Screw (M5 x 12 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130272
28Lock Nut (M5)0790270130284
29Spring Washer (ID 5 x OD 8 x 1.25t)0790270130265
30Bolt (M5 x 210 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270130294
31Pump Rebuild Kit (Inc. Key Nos. 32-37)0790270137081
32Adjustment Gasket0790270131251
33Piston Rod Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 29 and 53-57)0790270137021
35Cylinder Gasket0790270130411
36Valve Plate Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 44-49)0790270137031
37Cylinder Gasket0790270130541
38Air Filter Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 60-62)0790270130481
39Washer (ID 8 x OD 15 x 1.5t)0790270130494
40Spring Washer (ID 8 x OD 13 x 1.75t)0790270130504
41Bolt (M8 x 45 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.).0790270130514
42Exhaust Elbow0790270130521
43Pump Head0790270130531
44Screw (M4 x 8 mm, Pan Hd.)0790270130422
45Outlet Valve Cover0790270130431
46Outlet Reed Valve0790270130441
47Valve Plate0790270130451
48Inlet Reed Valve0790270130461
49Inlet Valve Cover0790270130471
50Capacitor Cover0790270130171
51Overload Protector0790270131471
52Bolt (M6 x 45 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.).0790270130341
53Bolt (M6 x 20 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.).0790270130351
54Rod Plate0790270130361
55Piston Ring0790270130371
56Piston Rod0790270130381
57Bolt (M5 x 25 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.).0790270130391
58Bolt(M8 x 20 mm, Hex Soc. Hd.)0790270130554
59Hex Nut (M8)0790270130574
60Air Filter Cap0790270080601
61Air Filter0790270080581
62Air Filter Base Frame0790270131311
63Data label0790270139101
64Ridgid Logo Label0790270139111

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