Ridgid GP80145SW Parts – 8 Gal Air Compressor

Do you need to repair GP80145SW Ridgid 8 Gal. Air Compressor ? Looking for the Ridgid 8 Gallon Air Compressor GP80145SW Parts? Then You have come to the right place.

Here you can find full list of Ridgid GP80145SW Parts and exploded view with the locations of each part of the air compressor.

Discover an extensive lineup of Ridgid air compressors, each designed to deliver reliable performance for a variety of tasks and projects.

Ridgid GP80145SW Parts List

Ref. No.DescriptionPart NumberQty
1Bolt (M8 x 85 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270090012
2Belt Guard0790270090021
3Bolt (11 mm x 87 mm)0790270090031
4Washer (15.8 mm x 8.5 mm x 1t)0790270090044
5Hex Nut (M8)0790270090053
6Bolt (M6 x 20 mm, Flange Hex Hd.)0790270090066
7Rubber Foot0790270090074
9Bolt (M6 x 8 mm)0790270090092
10Spring Washer0790270090104
11Washer (11 mm x 6.4 mm x 1.6t)0790270090114
12Bolt (M6 x 38 mm)0790270090122
13Handle Assembly0790270090132
14Panel Gauge0790270090151
15Input Manifold0790270090161
16Female Coupler0790270090182
18Regulator Knob0790270090171
19Bolt (M5 x 12 mm)0790270090204
20Hex Nut (M8)0790270090218
21Washer (36 mm x 8.4 mm x 3.8t)0790270090228
22Bolt (M8 x 40 mm, Flange Hex Hd.)0790270090238
23Pump Assembly0790270097021
24Bolt (M10 x 25 mm, Flange Hex Hd.)0790270090247
25Hex Nut (M10)0790270090255
26Drain Valve0790270090261
27Exhaust Tube Assembly0790270090271
28Elbow (3/8 in.)0790270090281
30Gauge Panel Hose0790270090301
31Pressure Unloader0790270090311
33Elbow (1/2 in.)0790270090341
34Air Tank0790270090351
37Screw (M6 x 12 mm)0790270090371
38Engine Pulley0790270090381
39Key (4.75 mm x 5 mm x 3 mm)0790270090391
41Washer (25 mm x 8.4 mm x 3t)0790270090411
42Bolt (5/16 in. x 1 in., Hex Hd.)0790270090421
45Washer (13.2 mm x 8.4 mm x 2.5t)0790270090451
46Cap Screw0790270090461
48Hitch Pin0790270090482
50Bolt (M12 x 16 mm, Hex Hd.)0790270090502
51Regulator Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 15-18)0790270097011
52Tank Logo Label (Ridgid)0790270099051
53Warning Label (Compressor)0790270099011
54Data Label (Tank)0790270099041
55Tank Drain Label0790270059071
56Mobile Air Label0790270099071
57Oil Hang Tag (Compressor)0790270099101
58Hot Surface Label0790270099022
59Regulator Label0790270099081
60Logo Label (Subaru)0790270099111
61Logo Label (Ridgid)0790270099131
62Quick Start Label0790270099141
63On/Off Label0790270099091
64Lubricant Label (Engine)0790270099121
65Combustion Label0790270099061
66EMC Label0790270099211

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