Husky 26 Gallon Air Compressor with 2 Air Tools, F2S26VWDVP1

Air compressors usually come in a single package without additional accessories. However, this Husky 26 Gallon Air Compressor is different because it offers an air compressor with two additional air tools. Sounds like a good deal, right? What more can you ask for?

The air compressor has an induction motor with a power output of 1.5 HP. This is partnered with a pump that can deliver 5.0 SCFM of air at 40 psi, 4.0 SCFM at 90 psi. The maximum pressure that it can deliver is 150 psi. Although it can only perform a limited number of heavy-duty tasks, it can be used for many light and medium-duty applications such as the following: brad nailing/stapling, framing nailing, hobby painting, inflation activities, and roof nailing.

The pump is oil-free making it a low maintenance machine. Despite this, the materials used make it durable and long-lasting. The tank gets filled easily within a few minutes (approximately 5-6 minutes). This rate can be considered fast already compared with other models. It can already power certain tools such as a small die grinder, ratchet, driver, nailer, and air chisel.

Husky 26 gal air compressor F2S26VWDVP1 model comes with two air tools and an extra value kit which includes the following:

  1. 1/2-inch impact wrench,
  2. 3/8-inch air ratchet,
  3. 3/8-inch x 25 ft. air hose (PVC),
  4. 1/4-inch NPT male quick connect plugs,
  5. 1/4-inch NPT female quick connect plug,
  6. 1/4-inch NPT quick connect,
  7.  and an additional thread sealant tape that can be used to connect all the components.

The tank is made of steel and is vertically oriented. It has a slim structure compared to other model. In addition, it has a twin stack tank configuration making it a space saver in your garage. It weighs 101 lbs. which is appropriate for its capacity. The tank has a pressure gauge which is convenient for home owners since they do not need to worry about excessive air or pressure output delivery. The dials of the tank pressure gauge and outlet pressure gauge are a bit tiny but can still be maneuvered.

This model is very portable because it has 7-inch solid rubber wheels made of high density polyethylene that can glide along any surface. It also has a handle which gives the user a good grip of the machine. With these features, you can easily transport the machine from your garage to the shop or vice versa.

For a tank with a huge capacity, the sounds that the machine produces (up to 83 decibels) can be tolerated. However, it is recommended that you use the machine outdoors because an enclosed space will only project the sounds more. You will only need a standard 120-volt electrical power outlet to start running this Husky 26 gal air compressor.

Husky 26 Gallon Portable Electric Air Compressor F2S26VWDVP1

Husky 26 Gallon Portable Electric Air Compressor – F2S26VWDVP1

Model # F2S26VWDVP1
Tank Capacity 26 gal
Weight 101 lb
Type Portable, Oil-Free
Horse Power 1.5 HP
Voltage 120 Volt
Amperage 15 amps
Air Delivery  5.0 SCFM at 40psi, 4.0 SCFM at 90psi
Max Pressure  150psi
Noise Level 83 dBA
Stage Count Single
Width 18.5 inches
Depth 20.2 inches
Height 47.0 inches
Air Tank Steel, Vertical
Warranty 3 Year
Cost from $1,999.00

This model is also recommended for beginners because it is very easy to use. You can just read the instructions on the manual to learn how to use it. It is not difficult to assemble the parts and you can always ask for the assistance of Husky’s customer support should you need help. With this air compressor, hanging sheet rocks, sanding drywall, and building a deck could be done effortlessly.

Husky 26 Gal. Portable Electric Air Compressor with 2 Air Tools is the perfect model to use for DIY applications. It has the right amount of air capacity that will work both for garage and light-duty industrial purposes. Husky really values their customers to the point that they create awesome deals like this one. With the 2 air tools that come with the air compressor, this package is indeed affordable.

If you already own Husky F2S26VWDVP1 model or just want to buy it, feel free to share your review or ask a question through the form below.

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  1. Jerry Landers
    November 20, 2017 at 7:47 am

    I have a Husky 5hp 26 gallon I have had since 2001, the pressure control switch will not work. can not find a model No. on
    Compressor. It has a Condor switch on it. The only No. on switch is 209000AV Condor don’t make that model.
    That No. comes back as a C.H. will that work on this Compressor.? Thank You Jerry Landers

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