Ridgid OF45200SS Parts – 4.5 Gal Air Compressor

Do you need to repair OF45200SS Ridgid 4.5 Gal. Air Compressor ? Looking for the Ridgid 4.5 Gallon Air Compressor OF45200SS Parts? Then You have come to the right place.

Here you can find full parts list for Ridgid OF45200SS Model and exploded view with the locations of each part of the air compressor.

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Ridgid OF45200SS Parts List

Ref. No.DescriptionPart No.Qty.
1Warning Label9411201801
2Rubber Pad5639290013
3Tank Assembly (Incl. Key Nos. 1, 4, 9 and 16)2065100011
4Data Label9411201821
5Screw (M6 x 20 mm)6612700034
6Washer (ID6.1 x OD15 x 1t)6344070014
8Drain Valve Assembly3067350042
9Logo Label9411141801
10Wire Clip5313800013
11Lock Plate6372150012
12Screw (M6 x 14 mm)6601690609
13Pressure Switch2900131021
14Check Valve3067360061
15Hose Connector6953680021
16Drain Valve Label9411201971
17Hose Clamp6352940042
18Air Hose5634260041
19Screw w/Washer (M4 x 12 mm)6607980041
20Manifold Assembly3067370101
21Quick Coupler3067390012
22Safety Valve3113600011
23Pressure Gauge (300 psi)3067410012
24Rubber Sleeve5640750011
25Tank Panel6371940011
27Manifold Panel6373560011
29Handle Mount (Front)5311320011
30Washer (ID6.5 x OD13 x 1t)6920430015
31Screw (M6 x 35 mm)6600580065
32Screw (M5 x 28 mm)66107500112
33Performance Label (Right)9411201841
34Front Housing Assembly (Incl. Key Nos. 33, 38 and 40-41)2065110011
35Screw w/Washer (M4 x 18 mm)6607980094
36Manifold Knob Assembly (Incl. Key No. 37)2065120011
37Regulator Knob Label9411200971
38Control Panel Label9411201811
39On/Off Switch7602710201
40Performance Label (Left)9411201761
41On/Off Label9411201791
42Ground Wire2900613221
43Bonding Wire2900613211
44Cable Tie7900020011
45Outlet Tube Assembly3118350011
46Seal Ring5635010032
47Screw (1/2 in. x 114 mm)6734540011
48Screw (M6 x 18 mm)6600580071
49Fixed Plate (Bracket)6372140011
50Motor and Motor Bracket Assembly2064950011
51Cam Assembly2064960011
52Flat Belt (MXL 378T, Carlisle)5638140021
53Screw (M6 x 48 mm)6734530011
55Cylinder Cover6425680011
56Seal Ring5639200011
57Valve Plate Assembly2065090011
60Screw (M5 x 18 mm)6620270011
61Rod Plate6425670011
62Piston Ring5638150011
63Rod Plate Assembly2064940011
64Screw (1/2 in. x 30 mm)6734550011
65Power Cord7303720431
66Retaining Ring6373590011
67Rear Motor Housing Assembly (Incl. Key Nos. 68 and 70)2065080011
68Hot Surface/Data Label9414881921
69Air Filter Assembly3118360011
70Warning Label (Spanish)9411201831
71Piston Rod, Cylinder, Valve Plate and Cover Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 55-63)2065150011

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