Ridgid OF25135CW Parts – 2.5 Gal Air Compressor

Do you need to repair OF25135CW Ridgid 2.5 Gallon Air Compressor ? Looking for the Ridgid 2.5 Gal Air Compressor OW25135CW Parts? Then You have come to the right place.

Here you can find full list of Ridgid OF25135CW Parts and exploded view with the locations of each part of the air compressor.

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Ridgid OF25135CW Parts
Ridgid OF25135CW Parts

Ridgid OF25135CW Parts List

Ref. No.DescriptionPart NumberQty
1Display Panel0790270070011
2Screw (M4 x 12 mm Torx Hd.)0790270070024
3Quick Connect0790270070032
4Outlet Bracket0790270070041
5Screw (M10 x 12 mm Hex Hd.)0790270070051
6Pressure Gauge0790270070062
9Pipe Connector0790270070092
10Regulator Assembly0790270070101
11End Plug0790270070111
12Screw (M8 x 30 mm Hex Hd.)0790270070122
13Rubber Foot Pad0790270070132
14Hex Nut (M8)0790270070142
15Drain Valve0790270070151
16Frame Assembly Tank0790270070161
17Relief Valve (PSI)0790270070171
18Pressure Switch0790270070181
20Safety Valve0790270070191
21Axle (D10 x 80 mm)0790270070202
22Wheel Assembly0790270070212
23Washer (M10)0790270070222
24Hitch Pin0790270070232
25Screw (M5 x 10 mm Torx Hd.)0790270070246
27Cable Clamp0790270070251
28Screw (M4 x 10 mm)0790270070262
29Motor Cable0790270070271
30Ferrule Nut0790270070281
31Ferrule Sleeve0790270070291
32Check Valve0790270070301
34Screw (M3 x 6 mm)0790270070322
35Plunger Assembly0790270070962
36Pump Assembly0790270070951
37Warning Label (English)0790270079051
38Cord Wrap0790270070362
39Insert Sleeve0790270070372
41Handle Grip0790270070391
42Screw (M4.2 x 16 mm Torx Hd.)0790270070406
43Hex Bolt (M6 x 70 mm)0790270070413
44Washer (M6)07902700704212
45Lock Washer (M6)07902700704312
46End Cap0790270070441
47Auto/Off Label0790270079151
48Hex Screw (M6 x 20 mm)0790270070454
49Ball Bearing (6203-2Z/HT)0790270070462
52Outlet Pipe Assembly0790270070491
53Elbow Connector0790270070501
56Screw (M6 Hex Hd.)0790270070525
57Crankshaft w/Eccentric0790270070531
58Ball Bearing (6202-2Z)0790270070541
59Piston Rod0790270070551
60Hex Screw (M5 x 25 mm)0790270070561
61Motor Fan0790270070571
62Piston Ring0790270070581
63Piston Clamping Plate0790270070591
64Screw (M5 x 14 mm)0790270070601
65Cylinder Sleeve0790270070611
66O Ring (D53 x 3.55 mm)0790270070621
67Valve Plate0790270070631
68Seal Ring0790270070641
70Cylinder Head0790270070661
71Bolt (M6 x 25 mm Hex Hd.)0790270070672
73Bolt (M5 x 20 mm Hex Hd.)0790270070681
74Lock Washer (M5)0790270070692
75Washer (M5)0790270070702
76Capacitor Lower Bracket0790270070711
78Capacitor Upper Bracket0790270070731
79Lock Washer (M4)0790270070742
80Screw (M4 x 4.8 mm)0790270070752
81Screw (M6 x 16 mm Hex Hd.)0790270070763
82Regulator Knob Label0790270079101
83Front Shroud0790270070781
84Air Filter0790270070791
85Screw (M3.5 x 16 mm)0790270070802
86Data Label0790270079111
87Tank Drain Label0790270079071
88Rear Shroud0790270070811
89Screw (M4.2 x 32 mm)0790270070822
90Screw (M4 x 10 mm Torx Hd.)0790270070834
91Warning Hang Tag (French & Spanish)0790270079061
92Washer (M4)07902700708414
93Power Cord0790270070851
94Hex Nut (M4)0790270070862
95Screw (M4 x 4.8 mm)0790270070872
96Washer (M5)0790270070886
97Washer (M8)0790270070892
98Filter Element0790270070911
99Supporting Plate0790270070921
100Pressure Switch Plug0790270070931
101Lead Wire0790270071571
103Mobil Air Label (Shroud)0790270079011
104Logo Label (Tank)0790270079021
105Hot Surface Label0790270079041
106Overload Protector0790270071561
107Gasket Kit (Inc. Key Nos. 66 & 68)0790270070971
108Piston Kit (Inc. Key Nos. 59-60, 62-64 & 74-75)0790270070981
109Pump Rebuild Kit (Inc. Key Nos. 59-60, 62-69 & 74-75)0790270070991
110Air Filter Kit (Inc. Key Nos. 84-85 & 98-99)0790270071001
111Control Gauge Panel Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 1-11, 82 & 92)0790270070901
112Hex Nut (M6)0790270071604
Ref. No.DescriptionPart NumberQty
1Tool Box Lower Body0790270071011
2Left End Wall0790270071021
3Left Sliding Wall0790270071031
4Right Sliding Wall0790270071041
5Sliding Bearing0790270071052
6Pipe Fitting0790270071061
9Air Hose Assembly0790270071091
11Screw (M8 x 12 mm)0790270071111
12Air Hose Cover0790270071121
13Screw (M4.2 x 16 mm)0790270071138
14Handle Assembly (Inc. Key Nos. 29-37, 43, 49 and 55)0790270071541
15Tool Box Lid0790270071151
17Hex Nut (M4)0790270071172
18Washer (M4)0790270071184
20Screw M4 x 16 mm Torx Hd.)0790270071202
21C Clip0790270071214
22Hose Reel0790270071222
23O Ring0790270071232
25Main Hose Assembly0790270071251
26Hose Reel Shaft0790270071261
27Spring Pin (D4 x 25 mm)0790270071271
28Right End Wall0790270071281
29Crank Arm0790270071301
30Washer (M6)0790270071312
31Hex Screw (M6 x 12 mm)0790270071321
32Spring Pin (D3 x 25 mm)0790270071331
34Steel Ball (D6)0790270071351
35Crank Handle Pivot0790270071361
36Crank Handle0790270071371
37Fixed Bolt (M6)0790270071381
38Tool Box Handle0790270071391
39Handle Cover0790270071402
40Screw (M4.2 x 13 mm)0790270071412
41Metal Latch0790270071422
42Screw (M4 x 38 mm)0790270071434
43Washer (M8)0790270071441
45Screw (M4.2 x 16 mm)0790270071468
46Connecting Plate0790270071472
47Nut (M3)0790270071484
48Screw (M3.5 x 16 mm)0790270071495
49Spring (M16)0790270071501
50Latch Pin0790270071584
51Weather Stripping0790270071591
52Logo Label0790270079031
53Mobil Air Label0790270079001
54Warning Label0790270079081
55End Cap0790270071531
56Point Of Purchase Label (POP)0790270079141

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