Husky 20 Gal, 200PSI Air Compressor C202H – Parts

Do you need to repair your C202H Husky 20 Gal Air Compressor? Looking for the Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor C202H Parts?

Here you can find full parts list for Husky C202H Model and exploded view with the locations of each part of the air compressor.

PartsDescriptionPart NumberQuantity
1Tank 20 Gal, PaintedE1128551
2Wheel 7″ (Kit of 2)E1085182
3Axle Bolt (Kit of 2) – Torque 15-25 ft-lbs.E1066262
4Nut .375-16 Hex Whiz Lock (Kit of 2)E1066402
6Quick ConnectE1073341
7Isolator/Screw (Kit of 2, each) – Torque snugE1066612
8Handle PaintedE1085141
9Handle GripE1069211
10Screw .25-20 X .5 (Kit of 4) – Torque 3-5 ft-lbs.E1066274
11Drain ValveE1091701
12Hose Clamp (Kit of 2)E1066482
13Switch On/OffE1066331
16Screw #10-14 Plastite – Torque 10-14 in-lbs.E1066467
17Safety Valve 225 PSIE1109491
18Gauge 1.5″ 300 PSI (Kit of 2)E1085122
19Shroud TopE1085161
20Shroud BottomE1085221
21Pump AssyE1118121
22Pump Filter TubeE1085641
23Pressure SwitchE1109481
24Power CordE1085151
25Outlet TubeE1118631
26Check ValveE1085171
27Nut Tube (Kit of 2)E1085232
28O-Ring (Kit of 2)E1085132
29Isolator (Kit of 3)E1085213
30Screw .25-10 X 1 Thread Forming – Torque 30-40 in-lbs.E1085192
31Nipple .25-18 NPT X 2E1078581
32Screw #8-32 X .375 – Torque 45-50 in-lbs.E1066431
33Screw .25-10 X 1 Thread Forming – Torque 90-100 in-lbs.E1085191
34Label-Hot SurfaceE1066302
35Label-Warning/Drain TankE1066311
Husky #C202H Parts List

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