Husky 27 Gal, 200psi Air Compressor, C271H – Parts

Do you need to repair your C271H Husky 27 Gal Air Compressor? Looking for the Husky 27 Gallon Air Compressor C271H Parts?

Here you can find full parts list for Husky C271H Model and exploded view with the locations of each part of the air compressor.

PartsDescriptionPart NumberQuantity
1Screw .25-20 X .75 (Kit of 3) – Torque 3-5 ft-lbs.E1066602
3Console CoverE1069171
4Screw #10-24 X .563 (Kit of 4) – Torque 12-30 in-lbs.E1066144
5Outlet TubeE1066151
6Tank 27 Gal, PaintedE1128531
7Painted HandleE1069131
8Check ValveE1066181
10Left ShroudE1069141
11Right ShroudE1069151
12Safety ValveE1109491
13Isolator (Kit of 3)E1066223
14Tube NutE1066231
16Mounting CupE1066251
17Shoulder Bolt (Kit of 2)E1066262
18Screw .25-20 X .75 (Kit of 3) – Torque 3-5 ft-lbs.E1066604
19Wheel (Kit of 2)E1069192
20Power CordE1066291
21Zip TieE1066582
22Filter AssemblyE1066321
23Rocker SwitchE1066331
25Pressure SwitchE1109481
27Jumper Wire AssemblyE1066371
28Screw #8-16 X .375 – Torque 7-12 in-lbs.E1066381
29Pump AssemblyE1078531
30Nut .375-16 (Kit of 2)E1066402
31Nut Assembly (Kit of 2)E1066412
32Isolator (Kit of 2) (Includes Item 1)E1066612
33Screw #8-21 X .375 (Kit of 2)E1066432
34Drain ValveE1081341
35Handle GripE1069211
36Gauge (Kit of 2)E1066452
37Clamp (Kit of 2)E1066484
38Logo PlateE1069181
39Screw #10-14 X .75E1066461
40Screw .25-20 X .75 – Torque 9-12 ft-lbs.E1066111
Husky #C271H Parts List

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