Husky Pump E106023 Parts (for C801H)

Are you looking for the E106023 Husky Pump Parts? Then You have come to the right place.

Here you can find full parts list for Husky E106023 Pump (Husky 80 gal air compressor C801H parts) and exploded view with the locations of each part of the pump.

Husky Pump E106023 Parts List

PartsDescriptionPart NumberQuantity
1Filter Air Intake Assembly (Kit of 1)
2Head Pump (Kit of 1)E1094861/CYL
3Plug Breather (Kit of 1)E1094921
4Plug Oil Fill (Kit of 1)E1094881
5Oil Sightglass (Kit of 1)E1095021
6Gasket Head (Kit of 3)E1094981/CYL
7Gasket Cylinder (Kit of 3)E1095001/CYL
8Gasket Crankcase (Kit of 3)E1094941/CYL
9Tube CrossoverE1095061
10Washer FlywheelE1094901
11Nut Compression 3/4in. (Kit of 4)E1095144
12Fitting Tee 3/4in. Both EndsE1094961
13Fitting Tee 3/4in./1/2in.E1095111
14Fitting ElbowE1095041
15Assembly Valve PlateE1095181/CYL
16Head Bolt (Kit of 4) – Torque 20-24 Ft-Lbs (28-32 Nm)E1100731 KIT/CYL
17Flywheel Bolt m8 X 30mm -Torque 21-28 Ft-Lbs (28.5-38 Nm)E1116431
18Flywheel Lock WasherE1090411
19Plug Oil Drain 3/8in.E1116451
20Stud Threaded m8 X 20mm (Kit of 4)E1116461 KIT/CYL
21Lock Washer m8 (Kit of 4)E1116471 KIT/CYL
22Nut m8 (Kit of 4) -Torque 14-16 Ft-Lbs (19-21.7 Nm)E1116481 KIT/CYL
23Fitting ThreadedE1116491
24Key 5mm X 20mmE1116851

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