DEWALT Manifold Regulator Assembly S141-0369 Parts (for DXCMTE6590811)

Are you looking for the S141-0369 DEWALT Manifold Regulator Assembly Parts? Then You have come to the right place.

DEWALT Manifold Regulator S141-0369 is a component used in the DEWALT 8-gallon air compressor model DXCMTE6590811. The manifold regulator is a crucial part of the air compressor system responsible for regulating the pressure of the compressed air output. It ensures that the air pressure remains within a desired range, allowing for consistent and reliable operation of pneumatic tools and equipment connected to the compressor.

Here you can find full parts list for DEWALT S141-0369 manifold regulator (DEWALT 8 gal air compressor DXCMTE6590811 parts) and exploded view with the locations of each part of the regulator.

1Hose Clamp For Rubber Hose 3/8″012-02272
2Gauge 2″ Silicon Filled 1/4″ Bk032-01402
3Coupler-Quick Connect036-00312
4Manifold Block W/Regulator041-01131
5Air Hose, 3/8″ Id Rubber X 12″ Long080-01141
6Valve-Pressure Relief 200# Asme136-00071
7Close Nipple 1/4-18 NPT065-01151
8Tee 1/4”069-00041
9Pilot Valve Unloader 140-175 PSI070-00581
10Elbow 90D 1/8” NPT x 1/4”064-00031
11Compression Nut & Sleeve 3/8”058-00071
12Compression Nut & Sleeve 1/4”058-00171

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