Pump S040-0453 Parts (for HH9919910)

Are you looking for the S040-0453 Husky Pump Parts? Then You have come to the right place.

Husky Pump S040-0453 Parts are parts for a pump that is used in Husky 120 gal air compressor HH9919910 model. Here you can find full parts list for Husky S040-0453 Pump (Husky 120 Gal Air Compressor HH9919910 parts) and exploded view with the locations of each part of the pump.

Husky Pump S040-0453 Parts List

ItemDescriptionPart No.Qty
1Filter, cannister assy (includes item 2)019-02942
2Element, filter replacement019-02952
3Bolt, head, M10 x 90 mm lg059-040518
4Washer, lock M10060-033636
5Head, cylinder042-01362
6Gasket, cylinder head046-03362
7Bolt, M5 x 12 mm lgN/A (Order item #62)8
8Seat, valve (upper)N/A (Order item #62)2
9Gasket, valve plate046-03372
10Reed valve, LPN/A (Order item #62)8
11Reed valve, HPN/A (Order item #62)4
12Seat, valve (lower)N/A (Order item #62)2
13Gasket, valve cylinder046-03382
14Tube, outlet145-06662
15Tube, outlet145-06651
16Piston, low pressure048-01352
17Pin, wrist, low pressure052-00422
18Piston, high pressure048-01362
19Pin, wrist, high pressure052-00432
20Retaining ring054-02688
22Gasket, cylinder/crankcase046-03392
23Nut, M10058-018512
24Bolt, M10 x 30 mm lg059-040612
25Connecting rod assembly047-01014
26Connecting rodN/A (Order item #25)4
27Insert, bearing051-01114 pair
28Needle bearing051-01124
29Oil dipperN/A (Order item #25)4
30Washer, springN/A (Order item #25)4
31Bolt, M5 x 10 mm lgN/A (Order item #25)4
32Breather cap059-00971
34Breather tube065-01121
35Bolt, M10 x 30 mm lg059-04076
36Bearing carrier, rear045-00571
37Gasket, bearing carrier046-03401
38Filter, oil screen019-02971
39Oil level sight glass032-01271
40Nipple, 1/2″ x 3″065-01011
44**Key, flywheel146-00341
45Oil seal046-03431
46**Flywheel, 12″044-00771
47**Washer, flywheel060-02131
48**Washer, flywheel #12060-02141
49**Bolt, M12 x 35 mm lg059-04091
51Valve, pressure relief136-01052
54Elbow, 3064-01241
56**Washer, spring #12060-02151
57**Fan blade027-00531
58**Washer, spring #8060-02166
59**Washer, #8060-02126
60**Bolt, M8 x 30 mm lg059-04116
61Pipe cap, 1/2″062-00781
62Valve plate assembly (includes 1 each – items 6-13)043-02282
63Ring set, LP054-02662
64Ring set, HP054-02672

** Must be purchased separately

Available Service Kits

ItemDescriptionPart No.Qty
65Gaskets, complete set (includes items 6, 9, 13, 22, 37, & 62-64)046-03441
66Overhaul kit (includes items 2, 22, 27, 37 & 62-64)165-03051
67Pump assy (includes items 1-43, 45, 50-55 & 61)S040-04531

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