Husky 120 Gal Air Compressor, HH9919910 – Parts

Are you in need of repairing your HH9919910 Husky 120 Gallon Air Compressor? Need to find the Husky 120 Gallon Air Compressor HH9919910 Parts?

You’ve come to the right place. Here you can find full parts list for Husky HH9919910 Models and exploded view diagrams showcasing the location of each component in your air compressor.

Husky 120 Gal Air Compressor HH9919910 Parts

Husky HH9919910 Parts List

ItemDescriptionPart No.Qty
1Screw, M5 x 20mm061-02557
2Washer, #10060-01466
3U-nut, spring103-02057
4Beltguard (outer) (Horizontal)125-02261
orBeltguard (outer) (Vertical)125-02491
5Screw, 1/4″ x 3/4″ lgN/A (Order item #7)2
6Key 5/16″ x 3/16″ x 1 1/4″ lg146-00071
7Hub (includes Item 5)004-00021
9V-belt, B64008-00402
10Beltguard (inner) (models IH9919910, IH9929910 & IH9919910.01 only)125-02271
orBeltguard (inner)125-02171
11Screw, #10-32 x 3/4″.061-02122
12Nut, 10-32058-01582
13Reducer coupling, 1″ x 3/4″063-00451
14Bracket, belt guard114-03492
15Bolt, lock 3/8-16 x 3/4″ lg059-01646
16Washer, 3/8″060-002312
17Switch, pressure (includes items 19 & 22-23)034-01991
18Gauge, 300 PSI032-00251
19Valve, bleeder136-00901
20Nipple, 1/4″ NPT x 1.69″ lg065-00331
21Valve, relief, 200 PSI136-00071
22Strain relief071-00331
24Motor, Regal 230V160-02471
orMotor, Baldor 230/460V160-03471
orMotor, Regal 200V (IH9929910 only)160-03411
25Cord, interconnect 10/4026-01891
26Cord, interconnect 14/3026-02231
27Bolt, 3/8 x 1″ lg059-10074
28Nut, 3/8″058-00094
29Label, warning098-30311
30Label, warning098-38701
31Tank assy (Horizontal) (includes items 31a-31e)515-03581
orTank assy (Vertical) (includes items 31a-31e)021-03471
31aO-Ring 2″ (Horizontal)513-00012
orO-Ring 2″ (Vertical)513-00013
31bBushing, 2″ NPSM x 3/4″ NPT (Horizontal)512-00431
orBushing, 2″ NPSM x 3/4″ NPT (Vertical)512-00432
31cBushing, 2″ NPSM x 1/4″ NPT512-00411
31dDrain valve assy072-00231
31eValve shut off073-00201
33Plug, 1/4″062-00351
34Elbow, 90°064-00321
35Label, warning098-28561
37Magnetic starter, 10 HP, 3 PH (Regal Motor) switch cord on left001-01651
orMagnetic starter, 10 HP, 3 PH, 200 Volt (Baldor Motor) switch cord on left001-01761
orMagnetic starter, 10 HP, 3 PH, 230 Volt (Baldor Motor) switch cord on left001-01691
orMagnetic starter, 10 HP, 3 PH, 460 Volt (Baldor Motor) switch cord on left001-01751
orMagnetic starter, 10 HP, 3 PH, 230 Volt (Baldor Motor) switch cord on right001-01831
orMagnetic starter, 10 HP, 3 PH, 460 Volt (Baldor Motor) switch cord on right001-01881
39Strain relief, 3/8″ straight071-00021
40Strain relief, 3/8″ 90°071-00032
41Washer, 7/16″060-01824
42Nut, 7/16″058-00114
43Bolt, 7/16 x 2″059-00614
44Pump assyS040-04531
45Check valve, flared031-01041
46Connector (Horizontal)068-00021
orElbow (Vertical)064-00031
47Tube, transfer (Horizontal)145-06831
orTube, transfer (Vertical)145-07041
48Compression nut (Horizontal)058-00121
orElbow (Vertical)064-00321
49Screw, 5/16″-18059-03892
50Tube, bleeder (Horizontal) (also order 058-0017, qty 1)145-06581
orTube, bleeder (Vertical) (also order 058-0017, qty 1)145-04951
52Tube, outlet145-06651
53Vibration pads (not shown)094-01374
54Bushing 3/4″ to 1/2″ (460V units only)063-00461
55Washer 1″ to 1/2″ Conduit (Baldor motor)060-02015
orWasher 1″ to 1/2″ Conduit (Regal motor)060-02014
56Washer 1″ to 3/4″ Conduit060-02321
57Adapter, 3/4″ x 3/4″ (vertical)068-01161

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