Pump 040-0348 Parts

Looking for 040-0348 Porter-Cable Pump Parts? You’re in the right spot!

The 040-0348 Pump parts are specifically designed for use in the Porter-Cable 80-gallon air compressor PXCMLA4708065 model. Whether you need a comprehensive parts list for the 040-0348 Pump (Porter-Cable 80 Gal Air Compressor PXCMLA4708065 parts) or an exploded view detailing the exact locations of each part within the pump, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Pump 040-0348 Parts

Pump 040-0348 Parts List

Ref.No.DescriptionPart NoQty
1Screw, M8 x 65059-041212
2Washer, M8060-021912
4Filter canister assembly (includes item 4A)019-02223
4AElement, filter replacement019-02213
7Compression nut058-00161
8Tee fitting069-00251
9Finned tube (includes item 10 (qty. 2))146-04472
10Airflow nut (order item 9)N/A4
11Tee fitting069-00241
13Gasket, head to valve plate046-02863
14Valve plate assembly (includes items 13 & . 15)043-01943
15Gasket, valve plate to cylinder046-02873
16Nut, M8058-018812
17Stud, M8*22059-041312
18Lock washer, M8060-022223
20Gasket, cylinder to crankcase046-02883
21Ring Set054-02413
22Piston assembly048-01173
23Rod (middle)047-00941
23AOil dipper, straight056-00681
24Rod (outer)047-00952
24AOil dipper, bend056-00692
25Oil fill plug056-00701
26Screw, M6 x 18059-04144
27Lockwasher, M6060-02204
28Cap, rear end077-01801
29Gasket, rear end046-02891
30Oil sight glass w/o-ring032-01251
31Oil drain plug, 3/8″ NPT062-00751
34Crankshaft, extended053-01051
35Key, 5 MM x 20 MM146-00261
36Oil seal046-02901
37Gasket, carrier046-02911
39Breather, (includes item 40)056-00961
40Breather washer, 22MM dia060-02211
41Screw, M8 x 20059-04154
42Flywheel, 12″ A groove044-00631
43Flywheel washer060-01831
44Screw, M8 x 35059-04161

Available Service Kits

Ref.No.DescriptionPart No
45Gaskets, complete set (includes items 1, 13, 15, 20, 29, 36 and 37)046-0292
46Overhaul kit (includes items 1, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 29, 37 and 4A)165-0265
Pump assembly (includes items 1-41)040-0348

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