Porter-Cable 20 Gal Air Compressor, PXCMF220VW – Parts

Is your PXCMF220VW Porter-Cable 20 Gallon Air Compressor in need of repair? Look no further! We offer a comprehensive parts list for Porter-Cable PXCMF220VW Models, making it easy to find the right Porter-Cable 20 Gallon Air Compressor PXCMF220VW Parts.

Get detailed exploded view diagrams that clearly showcase the location of each component within your PXCMF220VW air compressor.

Porter-Cable 20 Gal Air Compressor, PXCMF220VW Parts

Porter-Cable PXCMF220VW Parts List

Ref. No.DescriptionPart NumberKit. No.Qty
1Screw, SHCS M6 X 1 X 35mm74
2Washer, Lock M676
3Head, CylinderE10028471
4Screw, HFHS M3 X 0.4 X 5mm1 & 72
5Washer, Lock M31 & 71
6Retainer, Outlet Valve1 & 71
7Valve, Outlet1 & 71
8Gasket, O-ring, Head1, 7, 101
9Valve Plate1 & 71
10Gasket, O-ring, Cylinder1, 7, 101
11Valve, Inlet1 & 71
12Retainer, Inlet Valve1 & 71
13Cylinder2 & 71
14Screw, Pan Head M6 x 1.0 x 10mm74
15Shroud, Motor End CapE10477971
16Motor/Pump F21
17Assy, Eccentric, Pump & Bearing 6203ZC33 & 71
18Screw, SHCS M6 X 1 X 35mm3 & 71
19Nut, M5 X 0.82 & 71
20Screw, SHCS M5 X 0.8 X 25mm2 & 71
21Rod, Connector2 & 71
22Ring, Piston2 & 71
23Cap, Piston2 & 71
24Screw, M5 X 0.8 X 15mm2 & 71
25Fan, Cooling41
26Washer, Flat M641
27Washer, Lock M641
28Screw, SHC M6 x 1.0 x 16mm (Left hand thread)41
29Capacitor, Running (Motor-50uF/250VAC) Bkt MtE10427371
30Capacitor, Starting (Motor-250uF/125VAC) Bkt MtE10427271
34Shroud, Full RearE1003001
36Gauge, Pressure 1.5″ (Blk Hsn/White Face)E1036862
37Quick ConnectE1003071
38Cord,Power,14/3 AWG, Length 6′ Type STE1010731
39Restraint, Power Cord – 14/3 STE1018001
40Regulator, 3-Port, 1/4″ nptE1009711
41Nipple, 1/4″ mnpt x 35mm2
42Restraint, Motor Cord – 14/3 SJTE1005941
43Switch, Pressure Assy 150 psig 4 X 1/4″ NPT BaseE1051761
44Valve, SafetyE1026121
45Weldment, Assembly Tank 20 Gallon Vertical1
46Nut, Hex Lock Nylon inserted M10 x 1.5 (bright Zinc)52
47Washer, Flat 10mm52
48Wheel, 7″ x 1.5″ Diamond Tread52
49Bolt, Shoulder M10 x 1.5 x 55 (shoulder to 39mm)52
50Valve, Drain, 1/4 TurnE1017171
51Screw, HH M8 X 1.25 X 30mm2
52Washer, Flat M8 X 22mm4
53Isolator, Foot (60mmDia X 28mm Tall)E1002402
54Washer, Lock M810
55Nut, M8 x 1.258
56Ferrule, 3/8″61
57Nut, Comp, 3/8″61
58Tube, Other61
59Shroud, F2, Full, FrontE1002961
60Screw, HFH M6 x1.0 x 12MM6
61Elbow, Exhaust 90 deg. 13mm Male Flr X 1/2in MNPTE1002831
62Motor/Pump Assembly F2B2 (Right Hand Exhaust)71
63Washer, Flat 8mm X 19mm78
64Bolt, SHC M8 x 1.25 x 16MM ( ZDC Plate)4
65Base, Air Filter81
66Element, Air FilterE10043581
67Cap, Air Filter81
68Tube, Relief, 1/4″ Copper Formed (F2 on 400 MM Vert)91
69Nut, Comp, 1/4″92
70Ferrule, 1/4″91
71Valve, Check, 90 Degree LeftE1013621
72Bolt, HFH M8 X 1.25 X 25MM4
Kit. No.DescriptionPart NumberRef. No.
1Kit, Valve PlateE1034974-12
2Kit, PistonE10349513, 19-24
3Kit, EccentricE10474317-18
4Kit, F2 Pump FanE10428025-26
5Kit, Wheel (replaces one wheel assy.)E10444246-49
6Kit, Finned 3/8″ Outlet TubeE10328656-58
7Kit, F2B2 Motor/Pump Assy (Right Hand Exhaust)E1042791-24, 29, 30, 62
8Kit, Air FilterE10079465-67
9Kit, Pressure Relief Tube1/4″E10483468-70
10Kit, O-RingE1058458, 10

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