Campbell Hausfeld 80 Gal Air Compressor, XC802100 (CE5003) – Parts

Do you need to repair your XC802100 Campbell Hausfeld 80 Gal Air Compressor? Looking for the Campbell Hausfeld 80 Gallon Air Compressor XC802100 (CE5003) Parts?

Here you can find full parts list for Campbell Hausfeld XC802100 (CE5003) Model and exploded view with the locations of each part of the air compressor.

Campbell Hausfeld 80 Gal Air Compressor, XC802100 (CE5003) - Parts List

REPAIR PARTS LIST FOR Campbell Hausfeld XC802100 and CE5003

Ref. No.DescriptionPart NumberQty.
180 Gallon TankAR901500CG1
25HP 2-Stage Reciprocating PumpXC002500IP1
35HP Electric MotorMC035700IP1
4Pressure SwitchCW220000AV1
CE5003 and XC802100 Parts List


DescriptionPart NumberQty.
Drain ValveSR060513SV1
Motor PulleyPU019400AV1
Vee BeltBT013101AV1
Check Valve/Exhaust Tube KitXC001900SV1
Pressure Switch KitMY001100SV1
Belt Guard KitBG900100SV1


DescriptionPart NumberQty.
Valve Replacement KitXC001000AV1
Ring Replacement KitXC001100AV1
Gasket KitXC001300AV1
Pump AccessoriesXC001500AV1
Air Filter ElementXC001700AV1

Recommended Oil for Campbell Hausfeld XC802100:

  1. Single viscosity SAE 30 ISO100 nondetergent compressor oil, with part numbers ST125303AV (0.5 qt) or ST126701AV (4 qt).
  2. 10W30 synthetic oil such as Mobil 1® or CE0032 (1 qt).

The oil capacity is approximately 47.4 oz.
The oil should be changed after the first 50 hours of operation, and then every 3 months or 200 hours of run time, whichever comes first.

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