Campbell Hausfeld 30-Gallon Compressor and Generator, GR2200 – Parts

Do you need to repair your GR2200 Campbell Hausfeld 30 Gal Air Compressor and Generator? Looking for the Campbell Hausfeld 30 Gallon Air Compressor and Generator GR2200 Parts?

Here you can find full parts list for Campbell Hausfeld GR2200 Model and exploded view with the locations of each part of the air compressor.

Campbell Hausfeld 30-Gallon Compressor and Generator, GR2200 Parts Diagram
Ref. No.DescriptionPart NumberQty.
1Chassis assembly with rivet nutsGW010411SJ1
22 gallon Air tankAR028300KK1
3Hex bolt, 5/16 – 18 UNC x 3/4 inch*4
4Flat washer, 0.344 ID x 0.688 OD x 0.065 thick*4
55/16 inch – 18 Flange nut*4
6Drain valveD-14031
7Street elbow plated fitting, 200 psi – 1/2 NPT (M x F)*3
81/2 inch (M) NPT Plated fitting with 1/2 inch barb (200 psi)MJ114030AV2
9Pipe nipple, 1/2 NPT x 1.50*1
10Elbow plated fitting, 200 psi – 1/2 (F) NPT (F x F)*2
11Unloader valveGW010635AV1
121/8 (M) NPT, Push to connect fittingST081301AV1
13Transformer, 24VAGW005056AV1
14Transformer clampGW005057AV1
15Hex bolt, 1/4 inch – 20 UNC x 3.00 inch*4
1630 gallon Air tankAR035100KK1
17Rubber mount with steel bushingMJ110101AV4
18Rubber ringMJ110102AV4
19Washer, 2.00 inch OD x 0.5311ID x 0.134inch thick*1
20Hex nylon lock nut, 1/2 inch – 13 UNC*4
21Hex bolt, 1/2 inch – 13 x 3.00 inch*4
22Washer, 1/2 inch*4
23Pipe nipple, 1/2 inch NPT x 3 inch*1
24Drain valve (GR2200 and GR3200 only)ST127700AV1
253/8 inch (M) NPT Plated fitting with 1/2 inch barb (200 psi)MJ114025AV1
26Street elbow plated fitting, 200 psi – 3/8 inch NPT (M x F)*1
271/2 Inch ID Flex hose – 300 psi*1
28Campbell Hausfeld Decal (front and back) [Not Shown]DK667873AV2
29Specifications Decal (Unit Front) [Not Shown]DK668004AV
1 each
30Warning Decal [Not Shown]DK667872AV1
31Startup – Unload Decal [Not Shown]DK667876AV1
32Warning Decal, Hot Surface (compressor) [Not Shown]DK631100AV1
33Spark Arrestor Decal (engine) [Not Shown]DK065101AV1
34CPSC Warning Decal, 3.25 inch x 8 inch [Not Shown]DK667848AV1
35Warning Decal, Earth Ground [Not Shown]DK667849AV1
36Fuel Explosion Warning Decal [Not Shown]DK197101AV1
3712V Circuit Breaker Decal [Not Shown]DK667877AV1
Not available
*Standard hardware item – available at your local hardware store
Campbell Hausfeld #GR2200 Parts List

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